Creating Myself. One Story at A Time.

I’m a New Jersey-born badass activist, artist, educator, designer, writer, and games scholar who looks at play as a means of liberation for people of marginalized identities. My work often involves the themes of intersectionality, storytelling, and autoethnography as a means to create more inclusive futures and explore a more diverse past.

Recently I graduated with honors from NYU’s Gallatin Gradate School, where I studied larp (live action roleplaying) as a tool for marginalized identities to deconstruct themselves. My expertise lay in the concepts of emancipatory bleed and liberatory narrative strategy as a way for marginalized individuals to achieve liberation through larping and reflection.

When I’m not running around the globe trying to learn about and document larps, I can be found writing larps, rpgs, short stories, plays and generally making a fuss. I’ve been playing pretend since birth and doesn’t intend on giving it up anytime soon.

You can listen to some of my many speaking engagements here.