Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a Question? I most likely have an answer.

What the hell is larp?

Larp is a lot of things to a lot of people. It isn’t just swinging foam swords, though it is swinging foam swords sometimes. It isn’t huge emotions that leave you raw, though sometimes it is. Sometimes it is educational. Sometimes it is ethnographic. Sometimes it is done for growth. Sometime is it done for enjoyment.

Larp to *me* is a method of active imaginary play that allows a person to experience something outside their own reality. You can quote me.

If you’d like to learn more about Larp in the Nordic style, you can start here.

Black people/ [insert any marginalized community] don’t larp.

Fight me. We do Larp. Larping is for everyone. Do not let society paint a picture of you that reduces you down to a set of narrow ideas that defines you. 3 year olds larp. 80 year olds larp. Black, White, Asians, Latinx… You don’t need an abled body or a straight body. A small body or a big one.

You got a body? You like to dream? Larp is for you.

Where can I learn about this stuff?

I’d like to start here and here.

Larp isn’t defined by any one thing. That’s what we can all agree on. Enjoy searching!

Why do you care about this stuff?

Because I truly believe play holds a key to helping us understand humanity, and through play we can access emotions and deal with trauma we wouldn’t otherwise deal with. I believe play can change the world.

Do you work for free?

Of course!

Just kidding. Pay me. Graduate School was expensive. If you can’t and it is work for the community, let’s talk. If you want to hire me or support me, please do. My Patreon and Ko-Fi are great steps.