Freelance Narrative Designer

Do you need a new an interesting world for your rpg? Looking to spice up your larp with lore and and tons of excellent storytelling? Are you interested in hiring someone whose has the ability to spin worlds and take direction, all the while understanding the fundamental aspects of play? Then look no further. I am a Freelancer Narrative Designer, and I can create interactive stories that will engross and inspire your players. I have worked in both TTRPG and Larp capacities and have a writing flexibility that will make you wonder if it was possible to get a medal in it.

Educator/ Workshop Designer

A trained educator, I’m excellent at making difficult awkward topics engaging,  inspiring, and dare we say it? Fun. I specialize in imagination, play, and understanding and deconstruction of identity through play. My workshops are hands on, and intersectionally based and informed by Theater of the Oppressed. My passion is preparing informative and fun workshops, and giving engaging talks on theater, activism and play. I have given workshops for children, adolescents and adults. For me, nothing is as fun as watching people think about old ideas in new ways.


Looking for a panel host or speaker for your convention that knows the ins and outs of play, education, intersectionality, and gaming? A larp expert with the ability to deconstruct and look at the player experience? Someone whose keynotes are as funny as thye are intelligent? Well, I’m happy to help. I have been a speaker or a pnel moderator at major game conventions including GenCon, Living Games, and Knutpunkt.


Dealing with difficult themes? Wondering if your creative project is biased? Need an extra eye to make sure you understand the cultures and customs of folks who are definitely not you? Want to make your game LGTBQ friendly? PoC Friendly? Feminist? Consider hiring me to help flesh out your creative world whether it be a larp, rpg, short story, or massive intellectual property. Avoid the angry rants you’ll deserve. Let someone do the research for you! No, really. Please.

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