Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

But what do you do?

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works in the intersection of games, theater, play, performance and education. I often call myself an imagination specialist, as I spend a lot of time creating and imagining new worlds that are then used for a variety of things. In addition to my academic games work, I am an educator, artist, writer and performer. I’m also a community oriented activist who believes play as a tool of liberation for marginalized communities and identities. 

Currently I am the Lead Game Designer at the P3G Project at Carnegie Mellon University where I get to make innovative cobot games with children. I am also a freelance game designer, educator, and a performer.

Why do you care about Play so much?

Because I truly believe play holds a key to helping us understand humanity, and through play we can access emotions and deal with trauma we wouldn’t otherwise deal with. I believe play can change the world. Play is not a luxury, it is an active form of resistance in a world that puts work over everything.

Do you do community work?

Yes! I often volunteer my time for community groups who would like to try roleplaying games or do game design workshops. I have state clearances to work with children, and I am an experienced facilitator for those aged 3-and up! Yes, I am *that* versatile. If you are a part of a community organization or you are a K-12 teacher please contact me. I will also speak or run workshops at colleges, universities, and organizations.

Do you do Cultural Consulting?

No, I no longer do cultural consulting except in specific circumstances. You are welcome to contact me if you think you may be an exception.

Do you have samples of your work?

Yes! You can see look at a selection of work here. You can also contact me for a writing sample and full CV.

What is larp?

That link above will take you to the most frequently asked larp questions.